Some one buy me these, please


Some one buy me these, please

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Doctor who shoes that I painted!

I would probably wear them..if they were my size, next time I paint on shoes, I’ll make sure to go out to the shops and buy some shoes that fit!

(And i need to buy some paint that doesnt run when it rains…)


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My sister wanted me to make her some Fun. shoes after she saw a pair of Twenty One Pilots ones I made. Now I need to make me a pair of these too.

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A couple that wears Vans together, stays together. This psychedelic couple definitely stood out from the Burgerama crowd, as they were seen sporting a rad pair of Vans x Beatles shoes each.  

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The Outlaws - 16 pairs of custom shoes commissioned as christmas presents for the client’s family. Each pair is one of a kind and was hand painted on Vans black slip-ons. 

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Shoes shoes shoes!

See more shoes heeeeererereer

And buy some shoes heeeerrrre!

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About diddly darn time I made some Twenty-One Pilots shoes. Check em out! They’re for sale on my etsy now along with lots of other shoes and art!

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Finished music shoes! They were fun to make :) (Sorry for iffy-quality phone pictures. Let me know if I’m missing an angle that you want to see!) 

If you want a pair (whatever design, music-related or not) or are just curious, send me a message! All proceeds go towards paying for flute lessons, and any help in that department is much appreciated!

Bonus points to whomever names that orchestral excerpt.

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